Celia Daniel


"I've decided to break apart many frameworks, in every sense of the term."

Cecilia has lived her life in accordance with the motto “The one who is not born to serve, does not serve to live.” In 2001, she became a board member of the National Institute of Pediatrics, beginning a long career in philanthropy. Twelve years later, and following in the role previously held by Marinela Servitije, she accepted the position of President of the Board. Since then the Institute has helped over 60,000 medically-fragile, economically disadvantaged children each year find the specialized hospital care they need.

The Board’s initiatives have increased the number of children helped by the Institute as well as brought cutting-edge medical training to the staff there, collaborating with (for instance) Alfredo “Dr. Q” Quiñones, director of the MISSION: Brain nonprofit, who shared his specialized knowledge of neurosurgery with them, combining their joint drive and desire to make a difference. In 2018, her philanthropic work was recognized by the United Nations. In the business realm, Celia is in charge of Public Relations for the family-owned Fibra Danhos firm.

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